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The Key Features and Benefits of our software


From Toolbox talks to Near misses. Provide an opportunity for employee participation, a basic requirement for a successful workplace health and safety program.

Labor Management

Schedule and monitor your workforces progress. Allowing for project/statistical analysis and trending studies. Compare estimated labor vs actual.

Real Time Job Tracking

Ability to track many key functions of day to day job operations from any connected device.

Professional Communication

Keep an electronic log of all tasks,requests, and orders throughout the project. Allowing for easy pinpointing of miscomunications and or errors normally overlooked.


Minimize Unpredictability

Improve Collaboration

Accurate Scheduling

Accurate Forecasting

Improved Quality and Services

Reduced Cost/Higher Profits

User Interface

  • Enter time for an entire crew for the day, easing the stress of hour tracking for foreman and site supervisors.

    Field Time Entry

    Enter time for an entire crew for the day

  • Simplify employee scheduling. Know where your crew is at all times, making it easy for foreman to enter time against.

    Job Scheduler

    Quickly know what job(s) your crew has been assigned to.

  • Get an up to date perspective of job progress.  Allowing management to see potential problems real time

    Job Dashboard

    See up to date progress for all your jobs.

  • Keep track of toolbox talks attendees.  Later a report can be run showing attendance week to week

    Toolbox Talk

    Keep track of toolbox talk attendees

  • Tracking near misses which can be reported on later

    Near Miss

    Easily track near misses

  • Enter and track quality events real time and if need be have those hours reflected on the job

    Quality Event Entry

    Enter and track Quality Events

  • Simple to use data entry modules to produce real time job feedback and progress


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